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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swiss trust company?

A Swiss trust company is the main form of a trust found in offshore jurisdictions and is one of the world’s most recognized and respectable business vehicles. It can easily function both as a holding entity and a flagship structure for any venture and investment. A Swiss trust perpetuates legacy and tradition of the Swiss financial industry and transcends onto any business venture that you may embark on.

Swiss trust companies provide their trustees with an exceptional level of discretion and security. A Swiss trust can hold a multitude of asset types, including real estate property, equities, commodities, fixed income assets and cash. This flexibility, combined with the discretion, privacy and prestige that ownership of a seasoned Swiss trust company bestows upon its owners, ensures that the trust can become an indispensable value-added component of any business venture.

Why should you buy a seasoned Swiss trust company?

Vintage Swiss trust companies are dormant corporations acquired from a previous owner; for a variety of reasons, however, they are no longer in active business operation. Purchasing a Swiss trust company of this type will retain its incorporation date and pass it on to the new owner, granting you valuable benefits such as increased goodwill and prestige. Additionally Swiss trusts older than 25 years grandfather the benefits of the former Swiss law prior to its change in 1985. These benefits include reduced corporate capital requirements, as well as tax exemptions, etc.

Why not simply incorporate a new Swiss company?

Simply put, a new Swiss company does not have the same weight in the eyes of relevant authorities. For example, transactions with a company created shortly before or precisely at the time of the transfer may appear suspicious or be called into question; opening bank accounts, issuing debt & credit cards as well as conducting normal every day business are hindered by the young age of the corporation. New entities lack credibility and goodwill offered by seasoned corporations.

However, a company incorporated 25-100 years ago suffers from no such limitations. Similarly, you can realize additional benefits by merging the vintage Swiss trust company into an existing company or adding it into a bank structure. A Trust company can act as a holding entity for any business venture transcending its credibility and the invaluable Swiss traditions onto your organization.

In short, a vintage Swiss trust company bestows enormous advantages upon its owner due to its history and date of incorporation. For this reason, these benefits cannot be replicated through incorporation of new offshore Swiss companies, no matter how credible and respectable they may appear. This also means that vintage Swiss trust companies are extremely valuable and rare, with age largely determining the rarity and, hence, the value of the trust.

How can I acquire a Swiss trust company?

Seasoned Swiss trust companies are extremely rare and precious; after all, there are only so many trust corporations established in the 1920s that are still registered today all while remaining in dormant state. For this reason, your best bet is to buy a Swiss trust from specialized fiduciary agencies such as First Fidelity Trust AG. Obtaining valuable Swiss trust companies and facilitating the paperwork related to their usage and application is our specialty. Prior to takeover of any Swiss trust company we conduct a thorough due diligence process on the company’s history, previous owners, financials as well as its standing with the local government & tax authorities. Unlike many of our competitors we actually own the Swiss trust companies we offer for sale. First Fidelity Trust AG are no agent but a genuine fiduciaries & consultants specializing in seasoned Swiss trust companies.