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Rue du Rhone 14, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 41 712 18 45      Fax: +41 41 712 18 46

Who We Are

Combining over 30 years of trust company experience and 40 years of expertise in international banking, First Fidelity Trust AG is the world's leading supplier of Swiss trust companies. At equal ease with international and American clientele, FFT AG associates a team of highly skilled accountants, trustees, consultants and auditors with extensive expertise in the field of accounting, taxation, fiduciary services, asset protection, and, crucially, incorporation and administration of trusts and foundations.

Accounting for over 80% of worldwide Swiss trust company sales in 2010, and maintaining an impeccable 100% customer satisfaction record, we pride ourselves on delivering a customized, client-focused and results-oriented service that fully takes account of our clients' need for discretion. By leveraging our extensive experience of ushering to the needs of high net worth individuals, we are able to deliver a professional and discrete service.

As a result of our client focus, extensive expertise and respect for our clients' privacy, we have not only become the world's leading supplier of Swiss trust companies, but also consistently, every day, delivered on our core mission - to provide fidelity, trust and certainty in an uncertain world.