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Privacy Policy

Note on client privacy and case studies

We at FFT AG understand that the privacy and confidentiality of our clients is essential - more so in this business than in any other. And, while it is important for us to provide sample ideas on how you can put a Swiss trust company to a good use, we would never allow this to happen at the expense of privacy - yours or that of our former clients.

For this reason, we take utmost care that our clients' interest in privacy is never compromised. All case studies listed on the FFT website are listed with the express permission of the client. Moreover, all sensitive information - including the identity of the company in question - has been redacted to avoid unnecessary exposure. Lastly, several facts has been altered, to further protect the ongoing need for anonymity of our clients.

General privacy note

As a matter of policy, we do not collect personally identifiable information, with the exception of information you choose to disclose to us during the course of correspondence. Any such information will never be shared with third parties.