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Standard Acquisition Procedure

1. Initial Contact and Selection

After contacting us you will receive a list of currently available Swiss trust companies as well as an explanation of their capabilities, current standing and the bank accounts held by each respective trust.

You will then be asked to select the entity you are interested in and provide us with some specifications as to the type of business or venture that you wish to use the company for. This will help us understand the nature of your business and enable us to provide a custom-tailored solution drawn to your exact specifications and requirements, and with due regard to the business sector that you plan to operate in.

2. Drawing up the acquisition agreement

After you select the company that best suits your needs and we prepare a basic profile of your operation we will draw up an acquisition agreement listing all the details and specifications as per the initial agreement.

Upon receipt you will be asked to countersign the agreement and return us a duly signed copy.

At this point the contract will be in motion and both parties will be expected to fulfill the conditions listed therein.

3. Payment and Takeover

Once the acquisition agreement is in motion, you will be given our exact wire coordinates where the full acquisition price of the trust company will be transferred.

Alternatively you can also submit a cashierís check to the full purchase amount (please note that the takeover will only be completed once the check has been cleared by our bank).

Upon receipt of the full purchase payment we will deliver 100% interest of the acquired trust company and you will officially take possession of the share certificates to the 100% value of the respective trustís corporate capital.

4. Setup of Operations

Once the purchase has been completed we will implement the initially agreed custom setup and prepare the trust for your operations.

We will also open additional bank accounts as well as provide further services based on your exact specifications and requirements.