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Anonymity Benefits of a Swiss Trust Company

Through bearer shares and as a result of its structure, a vintage Swiss trust company protects your anonymity and allows you to carry out business operations with full discretion. Neither your competitors nor government authorities will ever know the exact type and amount of assets held by the Swiss trust company, or even its owner.

Ferocious competition and constant government interference are two ever-present realities of any business, and particularly the private finance sector. Such ongoing scrutiny can become a cumbersome and frustrating liability on your operations, severely limiting your freedom to do business in whatever manner you see fit.

This is why a vintage Swiss trust company is the perfect vehicle for ensuring your anonymity and allowing you to conduct business operations with full discretion and without undue interference from external oversight agencies. A Swiss trust company accomplishes this through a two-pronged solution based on bearer shares and corporate structure.

Anonymous Ownership through Bearer Shares

Normal ownership of a company offers limited opportunities for protecting your anonymity. More often than not, you’ll find yourself jumping through the hoops, adding multiple layers of ownership and operating behind a series of shell entities just to throw your competition and oversight agencies off the trail.

The problem is that the identity of the owner of a set of shares is usually a matter of public record – anyone with Internet at their fingertips can quickly and effortlessly figure out who’s behind this company or that, blowing away whatever elaborate facade you’ve spent money and effort on constructing.

This is why share certificates for all Swiss trust companies offered by First Fidelity Trust AG are issued solely in bearer form. Bearer shares leave no paper trail. There is absolutely no record made when ownership of bearer shares is changed or transferred. Most importantly, at no point in time will your identity ever be listed as the owner of these shares – enabling you to conduct business operations in complete anonymity and with full discretion.

Imagine the following scenario – as the owner of an asset management business, you wish to ensure that your competition keeps its nose out of who really owns the company. With a normal entity, your secrecy would be busted within seconds – in other words, exactly as long as it takes to type the name of your company into Google.

In contrast, a Swiss trust company owned through bearer shares allows for complete protection of your identity. The only public record available will be of First Fidelity Trust AG as the administrative agency that provided the company – who really owns the business will never be disclosed! This means that you can continue doing business while remaining completely anonymous, ensuring that at all times you remain protected not only from oversight and monitoring, but also from any possible legal action – all while giving you complete freedom to conduct business in any manner you see fit.

Complete Anonymity through Corporate Structure

The business vehicle also known as Trust Company has been created in Switzerland as so called ‘safe haven’ to assist its beneficiaries in protection and preservation of their entrusted assets as well as to shield the identities and interests of the shareholders from the piercing eye of governments and tax enforcement agencies worldwide.

The concept of asset protection and preservation via the means of a Swiss Trust Company came to live parallel with the tradition of Swiss private banking which begun in Geneva, Switzerland in the 1800s. The idea of Swiss banking itself dates back at least to revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685).

Swiss banking and trust law is especially strict on any breach of confidentiality. In 1934, a special section was added to the Swiss banking Act in order to protect the accounts of Germans, especially German Jews from the invigilating forces of the Nazi Germany and ultimate confiscation of assets. This provision of the law made it a criminal offense for a bank, or any financial institution like a Trust Company including their employees to improperly divulge any confidential information.

What is fundamentally essential to stress here is the fact that this law has been interpreted, both in practice and by the courts, to prohibit even official requests of foreign governments as to disclosure of information on any clients or individuals maintaining their accounts with Swiss banking and/or financial institutions. Financial institutions including banks & Trust Companies cannot even confirm the existence of an account without a written instruction from beneficiaries.

Typically all bank & Trust employees must sign the secrecy portion of the Banking Act as a condition of employment. Both the individuals involved and the institutions themselves are prosecuted if a lapse is discovered. As a result of such stringent execution of the prevailing law these so called ‘lapses’ are virtually non-existent.

As a result the business vehicle known as Swiss Trust Company represents a buffer zone for any of its owners, virtually impenetrable to any government body or enforcement agency. The Trust Company can therefore, without hesitation be called ‘the world’s safest business vehicle’. Assets deposited within the Trust will maintain their securely preserved status long after their initial beneficiaries have passed away.

What is also important to stress here is the above mentioned fact of Trust share certificates being in bearer from, which as already indicated represents the easiest mean of ownership transfer without leaving any paper trail.

All Swiss Trust Companies offered by First Fidelity Trust are fully compliant will all the stringent regulations and standards of the Swiss legislation including the Secrecy Act of 1934. Swiss Trusts are proud to maintain their record of never having had an incident of unauthorized disclosure.