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US Real Estate Development

Looking to raise capital from overseas private investors and clients to fund real estate developments in the United States. Seeks general asset protection, asset protection for specific real estate holdings and to protect the privacy of international investors.


A Swiss Trust Company (STC) enables its owner to raise capital from overseas investors and offer non-disclosure for those investments. In addition, an STC can encumber property through loans from the STC to United Statesí companies while ultimately providing asset protection for real estate holdings.


The Real Estate group was able to achieve its goals through ownership of a Swiss Trust Company established in 1968. The privacy of investors was protected and asset protection was provided to both the developers and investors. Through an STC, this group was able to profit substantially from raising funds overseas and capitalizing on the U.S. real estate market & the weak dollar. Furthermore, this group was afforded a competitive edge in the goodwill associated with the prestige of an STC established in 1968.