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Certified Auditor Guarantee

Vintage Swiss Trust Companies are a rare and truly sough after phenomenon in the realm of financial industry. Maintaining these entities debt free and in good standing is prime interest of every shareholder and beneficiary. Not all entities however have confirmed track record without hidden debts or liabilities. It is a true challenge and a thorough analytical process is required to identify and eliminate entities with tarnished reputation or signs of malignant debts and/or liabilities.

For the benefit of our clients First Fidelity Trust AG has taken the liberty and is proud to work in close collaboration with a Swiss government-licensed audit firm. All of the due diligence as well as financial audits and study reports of corporate financial statements of trust companies that we provide to our clients are meticulously conducted and composed by fully licensed professional and highly proficient Swiss accountants and auditors. In order to usher to our clients with absolute certainty that the offered entities are genuine vintage swiss trust companies in good standing since their incorporation and free of any past or present debts, arrears or liabilities we are the only provider in the industry that offers a certified and confirmed Letter of Guarantee issued by a fully government-licensed Swiss audit firm and certified by the Swiss Office of Debt and Solvency.

Do not risk buying your trust from an unsecured source without proven track record. Contact First Fidelity Trust AG today and order your meticulously checked and honed to perfection Vintage Swiss Trust Company with certainty. Ushering to your most discerning needs while maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction record is our creed; own your secure part of Swiss history today.