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Credibility Benefits of a Swiss Trust Company

A vintage Swiss Trust Company lets you catapult the credibility of any business, regardless of its field of operation or date of incorporation - and start winning over affluent clients and corporate customers without ever having to prove your credibility first.

A vintage Swiss Trust Company helps you overcome the most critical problem facing new business ventures in the financial and asset management sectors - the deficit of customer trust. Following the global recession of 2008-9, the associated string of high-profile scandals about trading practices of major financial institutions and the proliferation of government efforts to monitor, control and regulate business activity in the financial sector, trust in financial service providers is at an all time low.

This deficit of trust can make it impossible for you to attract clients for and generate initial interest in your newly established business ventures. No matter how brilliant your business plan may be or how incredible the ROI you're offering, the modern-day trust deficit means that you will have to work twice as hard just to prove that you're not planning to misappropriate your client's funds.

Bottom line is, new companies and new ventures face a severe uphill battle to prove themselves to customers - and this is where a vintage Swiss Trust Company can help.

It is a little-known fact that a vintage Swiss Trust Company retains its original date of incorporation even after changing ownership or adopting a new name. In other words, a Swiss trust company incorporated in the first half of the 20th century will retain that date of incorporation forever - even if it has been bought and sold ten times over and changed its name several times in the process.

As a result, when you choose to conduct business through your vintage Swiss Trust Company, you will be able to legitimately represent your offering through a company incorporated almost 100 years ago!

By doing business as a Swiss Trust Company that has existed for almost a century, and survived the Great Depression and World War II, you will instantly convince your prospective customers of your utmost credibility and trustworthiness. This will make it easier for you to start, grow and expand your lucrative business - without ever worrying about proving to your clients that you're reliable enough for them to entrust you with managing their assets.

Consider the following scenario - suppose that you stumbled upon a brilliant trading strategy and decided to turn it into the foundation of a new asset management entity that will deliver incredible returns to its clients. Unless you happen to be blessed with the right industry connections, what are the odds that you'll ever get the big fish to bite and invest in your new offering?

What are your odds of attracting billionaire clients and global financial institutions with a company incorporated in 2010?

Now, consider instead approaching these clients as a Swiss Trust Company incorporated before the II World War. Instantly, you will be seen as not only continuing the tradition of a solid, reliable, stable business that has existed for nearly a century, but your clients will see you as someone they can trust to do business with - without asking questions, launching investigations, making enquiries or asking you to disclose more about your business than you are comfortable with.

In short, a vintage Swiss Trust Company lets you score more big clients faster and easier and gives them more reason to entrust you with their assets, letting you propel your new business venture off the ground and into immediate profitability.