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Issuance of Bonds and MTNs

First Fidelity Trust AG offers this unique opportunity to all individuals and corporate structures that are looking for financing of their selected investment projects and ventures. Through employment of the merits a Swiss Trust Company has to offer, and in close collaboration with the client. Fundamentally based on the supplied Executive Summary of Business objectives & envisaged activities that lead to establishment of an exact financing budgeting needs we are able to assist with preparation of the Offering Memorandum and Prospectus of the Bond & MTN issue and have this instrument listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange within 4-6 weeks’ time. We provide you with a personal support and personalized service, combined with our expert assistance and expertise in the field, through many years of professional experience and collaboration with some of the highest-ranked professionals in Switzerland as well as the rest of Europe and Worldwide. Our clients will further benefit from first class services as well as a proactive partnership with our firm. Clients will further benefit from our professional network, created and built over the years, which we are now proud to share with our clients, allowing to further raise the profile of your venture with investors and analysts. Using our many years of experience as industry leaders in the Swiss Financial & Trust Company business, we can further reduce your workload to minimum and enable you to fund your projects and businesses more efficiently and with greater ease that you could even imagine.

All that the potential client is requested to provide after acquisition of the selected Vintage Trust Company is a business plan in form of an executive summary, to include cash-flow estimates and financials on the underlying project that the bond issuance will finance. We at FFT AG will handle preparation of the prospectus, due diligence, application with SIX, Listing & Quotation of the instrument.

We further secure the services of:

  • Paying agent
  • Transfer agent
  • Fiscal agent
  • Calculation agent

When employing our services the process becomes virtually remote and is very easy to follow. After listing the proceeds from sale of the bonds will flow directly into the issuer’s bank accts. where they can be employed to finance the underlying project, according to the stipulations of previously provided executive summary.