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Financing Process Overview

The preparatory and issuance scenario consists of a 4 step simple to follow process, where the client is not only assisted every step of the way, but in fact and more importantly led thoroughly throughout this experience through experimented and fully professional personnel of FFT and its associated business partners. All of the processes are clear, transparent and fully explainable. We are proud to have developed in collaboration with our business partners and collaborators, this financing model which can now be taken full advantage of by our clients.

1. Swiss Trust Company Acquisition

Acquisition of the Trust Company and identification of the clientís financing needs relative to the projects in his business-pipeline. After completion of the acquisition process and the client being in possession of 100% shares of the selected Trust Company, we will further assist him in setting up of operational bank accts. as well as prepare the Trust Company for issuance of the MTNís, Bonds, etc. to be listed on Six, which may also include augmentation of the corporate capital of the Trust Company if necessary.

2. Preparation of the Prospectus and Offering Memorandum

At this point the client will be requested to present to us his projects as well as the planned financing strategy in form of an executive summary of their business plan, to include Pro forma cash flow statement for the next 3 fiscal periods, income statement & balance sheet for the next 5 fiscal periods. We will be conducting our feasibility study based on the provided information and preparing a Prospectus and Offering Memorandum under a close collaboration with the client.

3. Application with the Swiss Stock Exchange

Once all the documents have been prepared, reviewed and approved by both the client as well as our listing experts and associated collaborators, the application forms will be completed and submitted together with the necessary supporting documentation (referenced above) to SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange). After submission of the file the application and approval process, closely monitored by FFT begins.

4. Flotation on the Swiss Stock Exchange

As soon as the application has been reviewed, verified and approved by SIX the listing will be completed and the instrument will commence to float on the exchange. At this point FFT will further assist the client with quotation of the listed instrument which can happen twofold:

  • Through a 1 value scheme; where the price is established/fixed once for the entire duration of the listing
  • Periodic quotation, where FFT engages an associate agent to maintain a periodic quotation push (daily, weekly, monthly) so that the price of the instrument is floating on the market based on the bid & ask prevailing conditions