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Swiss Stock Exchange Listing

Listing of shares in from of equity has never been easier. First Fidelity Trust AG, offers the opportunity to list the shares of Swiss Trust Companies and float them directly onto the Swiss Stock Exchange. Respecting the international listing standards we provide an almost fully automated service to our clients, which allows for a smooth and essentially stresses listing process of equity and floating shares onto the Swiss Stock Exchange. There are no astronomical fees or capital requirements, funding can be approved for small medium as well as large projects.

All that the potential client is requested to provide after acquisition of the selected Vintage Trust Company is a business plan in form of an executive summary, to include cash-flow estimates and financials on the underlying project that the bond issuance will finance. We at FFT AG will handle preparation of the prospectus, due diligence, application with SIX, Listing & Quotation of the instrument.

We further secure the services of:

  • Paying agent
  • Transfer agent
  • Fiscal agent
  • Calculation agent

When employing our services the process becomes virtually remote and is very easy to follow. After listing the proceeds from sale of the bonds will flow directly into the issuer’s bank accts. where they can be employed to finance the underlying project, according to the stipulations of previously provided executive summary.