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SWIFT Membership Service

Until very recently only the largest and most powerful banks were accepted amongst the ranks of SWIFT members and could benefit from the extensive merits that these financial telecommunication solutions provide.

Today through ownership of a Vintage Swiss Trust Company our clients can also become members of this ‘financial elite’. Through SWIFT membership you will be able to send messages to other financial institutions without having to rely upon your bank’s facilities and their actual transmission windows. Not only will you be able to easily execute direct transmissions of financial messages from your office, but you will no longer need to work within the limitations of banks, who are often highly reluctant to issue bank guarantees such as MT 760. Through utilization of the Trust and other merits that this versatile financial vehicle provides combined with this unique opportunity of SWIFT membership, today you can become an owner of world’s rarest, versatile and most powerful private business vehicle in the financial realm.

Further, through the Trust you will be able to offer the SWIFT service to your clients and to usher to the exact needs of even the most discerning ones. Under the umbrella of the Trust you will be able to open multi-currency sub-accounts for individual clients and then through the SWIFT membership offer services such as transfer of funds, sending of LCs, BGs, etc.

Forget owning an offshore bank that in today’s world has very little credibility as most of the offshore states have already been blacklisted. Offshore jurisdiction banks are generally not accepted as SWIFT members; on the other hand, the credibility of a Vintage Swiss Trust Company combined with our knowledge, expertise and business decorum allows you to become a member of SWIFT and join the exclusive ranks of world’s most renowned and powerful financial institutions.