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Tax Benefits of Swiss Trust Companies

A Swiss trust company that operates outside of Switzerland (e.g., it has no physical assets in the country, with the exception of a mailbox address) pays 0% income and capital gains tax on income generated outside the country. Additionally, 0% withholding tax is levied on non-Swiss nationals. This makes Swiss trust companies the ideal solution for minimizing the tax burden of high value transactions, as well as for accepting, keeping, and managing the funds of third parties (Swiss trusts do not require a license for managing the accounts of up to 20 third parties - and even then, the age and pedigree of an aged Swiss trust company usually lead to such licenses being granted quite easily).

Associated Taxation Services

In addition to the above benefits, FFT offers all necessary administrative services associated with the usage of Swiss trust companies:

  • Preparation of personal and corporate statutory Swiss tax declarations
  • Assistance and advice in the interpretation of, and compliance with, Swiss and international tax laws
  • Preparation and submission of applications for special tax rulings
  • Acting as a representative, on behalf of our clients, when meeting or corresponding with tax authorities
  • Assistance with VAT (value added tax) legislation and preparation of returns
  • Completion of social security returns, verification of assessments, filing of appeals
  • Assistance and advice concerning international tax treaties
  • Tax and estate planning