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Services for Overseas Clients

Whereas majority of financial institutions are reluctant to accept overseas clients and further wish to terminate the existing relationships with the holders of an overseas passport, we are more than happy to service these clients and accommodate to their business and financial needs.

Based on years of experience and expertise in servicing offshore clients trough Swiss trust company and other offerings, our company has developed a service program aimed at overseas and offshore customers that allows us to custom tailor the perfect business solution for each individual or corporation and the particular needs that they might have.

Buying a Swiss trust company is a brilliant method for overseas citizens to legally and securely protect their assets and themselves from litigation. Swiss trust Companies can offer individuals confidentiality, privacy and asset protection. They further offer financial protection from potential present and future claims.

Swiss trust companies whose beneficiaries are overseas or offshore citizens benefit from tax exemption on the corporate income tax. Additional benefits include no capital gain tax on equities, commodities, fixed income, etc.

Contact us today for more information on how you can become a beneficiary of the unique traits offered by a Swiss trust company.